VJS Intern Golf Outing

Updated: Sep 21

VJS interns and staff recently took part in the third annual VJS Intern Golf Outing at Naga-Waukee War Memorial Golf Course.

From left to right: Justin Gross, Brian Griebl, Dan Lakich, and Chris Coggins

Thankfully the weather cooperated this year (unlike year’s past when it poured down rain) and everyone that participated had a great time. There were five teams as part of this year’s outing:

Team 1: Turner Kraft, Humberto Sanchez, Chad Kucik, Ryan Warzon

Team 2: Dan Lakich, Chris Coggins, Brian Griebl, Justin Gross

Team 3: Emmanuel Perez, Mike Bauer, Von VanDreel, Joe Zanotti

Team 4: Ethan Buechel, Bailey Kull, Ben Bergles, Ryan Kaplanek

Team 5: Bennett Harris, Adam Lewis, Scott Walker

This year’s winner with a (-8) under par was Team 2 and intern Dan Lakich. Dan will keep the trophy for the rest of the summer and also has full bragging rights to go along with it! Congratulations Dan!