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Saint John’s On The Lake Time Lapse

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

VJS has been recording the progress of our Saint John’s On The Lake Third Tower Expansion project since its inception. Recently, we put together a video of the project in its entirety to date.

The overall scope of the project consists of two main phases of construction totaling 422,000 square feet of new construction and renovations. The first phase, the North Tower Expansion, is a 22-story tower comprised of two and a half levels of underground parking, a first-floor commons/resident amenities area, second through fourth floors containing expanded replacement spaces for the current 50 skilled care suites and 24 assisted living suites. The fifth floor will add 16 assisted living apartments providing daily living and nursing support.

The Tower’s upper floors will feature 79 apartments for older adults living independently. The second phase will consist of demolition and reconstruction of the existing three-story health services building, a new entrance for the North Tower, new auditorium, site work, and various renovations throughout the first floor of the existing North Tower.



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