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Saint John’s On The Lake Project Featured on Cover of ENR Magazine

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

ENR (Engineering News-Record) ran a photo contest during the month of December to determine which photo, out of the 1,200 submitted, would grace the cover of their January 13, 2020 issue.

Saint John’s On The Lake North Tower expansion project photo was chosen as one of four finalists out of the 1,200 photos submitted. More than 8,000 votes were cast and, in the end, the Saint John’s On The Lake photo received 58% of the votes.

Some background on the photo: VJS Construction Services hired Curtis Waltz/Aerialscapes Inc. to capture a milestone concrete placement at the new North Tower at Saint John’s On The Lake, a premiere retirement community on the Lake Michigan shoreline in Milwaukee. The high-budget helicopter shoot was threatened by localized dense fog due to the lake. However, inspiration struck as the roiling fog became an incredible backdrop to the project, framing the tower in different ways as the helicopter orbited the tower.



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