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Make-A-Wish: Playhouse Edition

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The VJS team was part of a very special project: constructing a playhouse for 9-year-old Valerie on behalf of Make-A-Wish Wisconsin.

Valerie was only six years old when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in September of 2018. She underwent two and a half years of treatment, including surgery and two transplants. She is now taking a little bit of a break from the hospital, undergoing home chemotherapy.

Valerie will enjoy the playhouse with her siblings Alex and Lali. The playhouse was constructed to meet some of Valerie’s requests, including a view of the stars with large windows, which will also let in a lot of daylight.

She is very excited to have a place to call her own and incredibly grateful to the VJS team for making her wish come true.



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