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Jorgensen Family Foundation Supporting Our Community

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The Jorgensen Family Foundation, which was started by Gary and Judy Jorgensen along with their grandchildren as a way for them to support our community, recently contributed to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s MKE Responds Fund.

Through the Jorgensen Family Foundation, the Jorgensen’s grandchildren are responsible for collectively deciding where the funds will be donated each year.

The Jorgensen Family shared: “The Jorgensen Family Foundation decided to make a gift to the MKE Responds Fund because we wanted to play our part in helping out during this world pandemic. We typically meet in December to discuss donations but recognized the importance of taking action now. Every individual is grieving something right now, and we want to provide some form of consolation during this difficult time. The MKE Responds Fund is a great resource for providing many different types of aid for those in our community who are suffering during this time.”



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