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‘Atta Boy

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

‘Atta Boy was established as a way to encourage VJS employees to find those opportunities to thank and acknowledge those employees who go above and beyond.

This ‘Atta Boy goes to Chris Schroedl, Jose Romero and Jim Levenhagen at our Saint John’s On The Lake project. We received an e-mail note from Mary Beth Peterson, Saint John’s On The Lake resident and board member, with the following:  

“Earlier this week I was walking one of my dogs, Zoe, through the “connector” in the garage between the Central and South Towers. Two men, at least one from VJS, had blocked off a portion of this connector and were working on something. This meant that Zoe and I were walking in a portion of the connector where we normally don’t walk and also can’t see cars coming from the Central Tower turning into the connector. Zoe was pulling hard to get to the dog run. In the same split second when I saw a car from the Central Tower turn the corner and face us, one of the VJS men saw the car also. He immediately stepped into the “lane” where the car was going, holding up his hand to stop the car. Zoe and I were then safe to continue walking to the dog run. I was very appreciative of the VJS staff’s quick reaction. Please extend my thanks to your construction crew for their obvious commitment to resident (and their pets) safety.”



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