Our project teams include some of the most highly skilled tradesmen among general contractors in Wisconsin. Our project teams understand the challenges and the necessity of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all building occupants during the construction process. We will continually monitor and modify, as necessary our project phasing and utilization plans as required to maintain an efficient jobsite.

Our Commitment to Safety

We are committed to flexibility and your priorities will guide the construction process. Interior phasing is sequenced and designed to maintain an environment that minimizes disruption and maximizes isolation opportunities for occupants and construction services.

We believe safety is much more than just OSHA compliance and numbers that measure past experiences. VJS emphasizes that “safety is the only way to work.” It is the obligation of every VJS employee to make safety a priority. VJS management believes any incident, regardless of severity, means we have failed. Our corporate motto is, “Anything Less Than Exceptional is Unacceptable.” What sets us apart from other general contractors is our pre-planning approach to ensure safety, the involvement of senior management in reinforcing safety standards throughout the company, and the relationship that we build with each and every one of our employees so that they prioritize safety at all times. Safety is the responsibility of each employee, not just the safety directors.

Craig Jorgensen

See It, Own It, Share It

VJS Construction Services See It, Own It, Share It is a new safety policy intended to provide VJS employees with a framework for maintaining safety on each and every jobsite. See It, Own It, Share It strives to create a culture where VJS employees are aware of their surroundings, take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others, and share safety best practices with those around them.

Lizzy Polheber
Senior Safety Manager

Safety Poster and Pledge Card

During National Safety Month in June, VJS provides Safety Pledge posters to each jobsite where field staff read and sign the commitments of working safely. Each person is also given a pledge card to remind them of these commitments.

Our commitment to safety is about more than compliance but rather to strive for safety excellence in all aspects of our work on each and every project, every day through employee feedback and engagement.

VJS Safety Poster

Employee Video Clips About Safety at VJS

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