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Kahler Slater


Carpentry, Demolition


Milwaukee, Wisconsin


6,000 square-feet

Located in the historic Cudahy Tower, this renovation of the former Boulevard Inn was transformed into the new Bartolotta Restaurant. The 6,000 square foot restaurant features a glass atrium, high-end millwork, wall coverings, granite countertops, leather seating, and hardwood floors. The project was completed within an aggressive seven-week schedule, and daily construction activities were coordinated with sensitivity to the residential occupants of the Cudahy Towers.

VJS worked with Bartolotta Restaurant Group back in 2003 on the original $2,000,000 project.

Prior to the start of the project, the Owner had asked how long it would take to build a bar. When he was told six weeks, he stated that we had seven weeks to complete the entire 6,000 square foot renovation. Working with the architect and knowing the Owner and his hopes for this particular space, VJS prioritized ordering the furnishings before starting the project. Many nights and weekends were spent on this project by the team. This restaurant has become a showpiece for downtown, upscale dining near the lake.

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