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VJS's Vice President of Marketing, Maddy Tarbox, Named 'Notable Women'

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Congratulations to Maddy Tarbox, Vice President of Marketing, for being named one of BizTimes Notable Women In Construction & Design.

Maddy joined VJS Construction Services 30 years ago. She started out as one of few women in the construction industry and serves as Vice President of Marketing. Maddy’s tenure and grit serves as an inspiration for young women entering the industry.

“I have known Maddy for over 30 years; she has been the glue that has held VJS together,” said Craig Jorgensen, President at VJS. “Her insight and industry knowledge are two major reasons that VJS has consistently been elevated to one of the top general contractors in the Milwaukee area.”

What was once a $20 million a year company 30 years ago with 65 employees is now an over $210 million firm with more than 200 employees. Maddy holds a critical role in the growth and continued success of VJS.

As Vice President of Marketing, Maddy is responsible for working closely with the President and Vice President of Business Development to establish strategy for proposals and presentations, market penetration, strategic planning, and brand alignment internally as well as externally. She is also responsible for all public relations, advertising, corporate communication programs, and client relationship management programs. VJS’ clients often engage Maddy’s expertise in stakeholder engagement and public information campaigns resulting in successful public referendums and neighborhood outreach.

Maddy is always encouraging others to find a way to use their influence for the betterment of others because she believes “when we all do better, we all do better.” Her passion in everything she does radiates her true sense of dedication, leadership, and empathy.



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