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Final Beam Signed and Raised at Saint John’s On The Lake Third Tower Expansion Project

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, the final beam was signed and lifted into place at the 22-story Saint John’s On The Lake North Tower Expansion project, representing the highest point of the building.

Current and future residents, board members, project partners and Saint John’s On The Lake staff has the opportunity to sign the beam before it was lifted to the top of the building. The beam will be placed and remain exposed, even after the building is complete.

This project consists of approximately 422,000 square feet of new construction and minor interior renovations. The overall scope of the projects consists of two main phases of construction. The first phase is a 22 story tower consisting of two and a half levels of underground parking, first floor Commons / Resident Amenities, second and thurd floor Skilled Nursing (SNF), fourth floor Assisted Living (AL), fifth floor Hybrid Assisted Living (RCAC), sixth floor mechanical, and seventh floor through 22nd floor Independent Living (IL) apartments.

This is referred to as the North Tower Expansion. The second phase of work consists of demolition and reconstruction of existing three-story Health Services Building (HSB), new entrance for the existing North Tower, new auditorium, site work, and various renovations throughout the first floor of the existing North Tower.



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