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New Apartment Complex

Manseau Flats is one of the first major housing projects to be constructed in De Pere, WI. What makes this building unique is  its six-story exterior shell is constructed out of Insulated Concrete Formed (ICF) walls. This project includes 78 apartment units (14 of these are two-level townhouse units), a 24/7 fitness center, a mid-level rooftop terrace, and two levels of underground parking.


De Pere, Wisconsin


135,100 square feet


Concrete, Carpentry


TDI Associates


General Contractor 

Manseau Flats - Exterior VJS.jpg

"Everybody in the company has their tasks; they do it well - it's just a seamless process from start to finish that we would never have been able to match ourselves. It's just been so comfortable for us to be able to go through every single step of the process with every single person, and feel comfortable about it. They've managed our expectations to the fullest."

— Ryan Bedford, Executive Vice President, Bedford Development

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