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Chicago Executive Airport, New Hangar


Engberg Anderson


Construction Manager, Prime


Wheeling, Illinois


30,200 square feet


International Aviation Properties was looking to relocate after leasing an outdated facility. They needed more space and wanted the building to be more energy efficient. A new pre-engineered metal building emerges, seamlessly blending form and function to redefine the concept of aeronautical spaces. At its core, a vast 160-foot wide by 150-foot deep hangar stands as the heart of operations, spanning an impressive 24,000 square feet. The hangar's access is facilitated by a cutting-edge 140' x 28' Unidirectional Norco Rolling Door System, ensuring smooth and efficient movement for a diverse array of aircraft.

Adjacent to this hub of activity, a thoughtfully designed single-story office/shop complex extends over 6,200 square feet. This multifaceted space incorporates essential elements for a thriving aviation center, featuring a dedicated flight planning area, a spacious conference room for collaborative endeavors, executive and pilot offices for streamlined operations, and an inviting lobby and waiting area for guests.

Setting a new standard in energy efficiency, the building incorporates innovative features such as an air rotation unit, fluorescent lighting, and strategic day lighting in the hangar. These elements not only contribute to a sustainable operational model but also create an environment that prioritizes both functionality and eco-conscious practices.

In essence, this pre-engineered metal building transcends the conventional, offering a synergistic blend of expansive hangar space and purpose-built offices. The result is a cutting-edge facility that not only accommodates the diverse needs of aviation but does so with a keen eye on energy efficiency and a commitment to creating a conducive and welcoming environment for all facets of aviation operations.

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