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Waukegan National Airport, New Hangar


Mead & Hunt


Construction Manager, Prime


Waukegan, Illinois


57,830 square feet


This new hangar spans an impressive 57,831 square feet. The complex comprises a sprawling 30,000 square feet of hangar space, providing a secure haven for aircraft. Complementing this, a 15,000 square feet of office space caters to administrative needs seamlessly.

Distinguishing itself further, the complex features a cutting-edge 17,831 square foot indoor heated parking garage and maintenance space, ensuring optimal conditions for both aircraft and ground operations. Beyond the essentials, the facility offers an array of amenities that redefine the aviation experience. Pilots can rejuvenate in dedicated resting and sleeping areas, maintain peak performance with a fully-equipped workout facility, and enjoy culinary delights prepared in the kitchen facilities.

The site enhancements are equally noteworthy, with meticulously planned aircraft ramp space and taxiways ensuring efficient navigation. A substantial 40,000-gallon underground fuel farm stands ready to support the diverse fleet that may call this complex home. Vehicle parking areas are strategically positioned for convenience, creating a seamless flow of operations.

The architectural marvel of the complex is highlighted by a the 260-foot clear span in the hangar, featuring a 230’ x 28 multi-directional Norco rolling door system. This ensures ease of access for various aircraft, coupled with a heated door track and a snow melt system in the apron, ensuring operational continuity in all weather conditions.

The commitment to functionality and comfort extends to the interior, where a radiant hangar floor heating system provides an ideal environment for maintenance and storage. Safety is paramount, with a water fire suppression system in place, ensuring the highest standards of protection.

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