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New Senior Living Facility


Plunkett Raysich Architects (PRA) and Gawron Turgeon Architects




Augusta, Maine


179,000 square-feet


VJS and Joint Venture partner Cianbro were awarded the Maine Veterans’ Home project at 35 Henry’s Way in Augusta, Maine. Cianbro is one of the nation’s largest contractors headquartered in Maine, operating in more than 40 states, five markets, and employing over 4,000 team members, of which 122 are Veterans.

The project comprises a 179,000-square-foot two-story Resident Houses and Community Center combined into a four-building complex. The building is a protected, non-combustible structure; 48 long-term care units, 40 memory care units, 30 transitional care units, 20 assisted living units, and a community center. This state-of-the-art facility brings veterans into a home-like setting that makes them feel more like they are in their own residences. With the campus consisting of small group homes, each building features private bedrooms and bathrooms for every resident.

BIM was used for MEPFP modeling for the Maine Veterans’ Homes' new Senior Campus in Augusta, Maine. The project included 179,475 square feet of new construction spread across two stories of fireproofed structural steel.

BIM modeling efforts cleared over 5,000 conflicts between MEPFPs, structure, and other building components over the course of 10 months and before MEPFPs were scheduled to be installed. One hundred percent (100%) of all building components over 1” in size were modeled. These efforts resolved clashes before they could slow down construction efforts, eliminating wasted contingency dollars and potential schedule delays. This also allowed for MEPFP trades to pre-fabricate most assemblies and reduce overall days required on site. Final clash-free models were synced with iPads and mobile workstations in the field to ensure that all installers had the right information right at their fingertips.

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