It all starts with VJS’ leadership – their accessibility, humility, warmth, communication, sense of humor, and genuine sense of concern for VJS’ employees and its clients is something you will not find in most companies. They are involved in each and every project VJS undertakes, are committed to the core values of VJS, and are recognized as collaborators for their thought leadership in the construction industry.

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Gary Jorgensen


For over 40 years, Gary Jorgensen has been improving the quality of life in Greater Milwaukee through his work in the construction industry. He has achieved great success through Voss Jorgensen Schueler (VJS), helping to grow a once languishing company into one of the leading general contractors in Wisconsin and the Midwest. Along the way, he has helped to build (and effectively raise funds for) some of the area’s most important buildings. Gary has developed the careers of countless individuals and provided national leadership within the industry.

Born into a construction family, Gary began work at age 12 as a waterboy for O Jorgensen & Son Construction in Clinton, Iowa. After college, Gary returned home to help run the family firm but an economic downturn in the early 1970’s forced Gary to consider other employment. A desire to again have ownership in a firm led him to Voss Hrdlicka, Inc., where he became a partner in 1976. In 1978, he invited a former colleague, Tom Schueler, to join him as a partner in the firm. Under the creative leadership of Gary Jorgensen and Tom Schueler, the company became Voss Jorgensen Schueler (1981) and grew to become one of Wisconsin’s largest construction firms.

Gary is the recipient of numerous awards for his dedication to the construction industry and the community. The Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee presented Gary with the prestigious Pioneer Award for his service and outstanding contribution to his profession. Additional awards from the Associated General Contractors include the Skill, Integrity, Responsibility Award (S.I.R. Award), the highest annual award given. In 1988, Gary received the “Committee Chairman of the Year” award for Closely Held Business. He served as President for the Associated General Contractors (AGC), Milwaukee Chapter. The National AGC selected Milwaukee as “Chapter of the Year” and Gary as “Chapter President of the Year.” In 2016, Gary received the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Kirkpatrick Award.

Among Gary’s many accomplishments is his dedication to the community. Gary has been involved with many organizations throughout his career including the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, Journey House, Neighborhood House, and Mount Mary University.

Craig Jorgensen


Craig joined VJS Construction Services in 1988 as a Project Manager, was appointed Vice President in 1992, and named President in 1999. Prior to starting his tenure at VJS, Craig spent one year working for a general contractor in Cincinnati, Ohio.

With a familial history of more than 100 years in the construction business, Craig’s leadership has contributed greatly to VJS’ dynamic growth. Craig was instrumental in developing the means and methodologies that have made field operations more effective and efficient. Craig also has played a large part in building VJS’ tenant improvement business from the ground up.

The phrase that Craig has coined, and you will hear him say in employee meetings or when talking about VJS’ commitment to its clients and employees is “Anything Less Than Exceptional Is Unacceptable.”

Craig also has a strong dedication to the community, continually formulating ways for not only his family but for how VJS can continue the tradition of giving back to the community. For several years, Craig has been involved with the United Way, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts and countless other nonprofit organizations.

– Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee – Pioneer
   Award, 2018
– United Way in Waukesha County – Bruce Gill Executive Volunteer
   of the Year Award, 2013
– Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee – S.I.R.
   Award, 2009
– Milwaukee Business Journal – 40 Under 40 Award, 1994

– Milwaukee Business Journal – 40 Under 40 Award, 2006

David Jorgensen

Executive Vice President

Only a select few people can say they have lived the life of Wisconsin’s own Bucky Badger mascot. David Jorgensen prides himself on being Bucky for two years during his time in college. For those who know David, it seems second nature that he would take on this role. The same enthusiasm and energy David once used to rally Badger fans is now parlayed into rallying employees, clients and peers for the achievement of a “win” for a construction project, development project or civic cause.

Appointed Executive Vice President for VJS Construction Services in 1999, David was instrumental in developing strategies for greater market share, improving relationships with employees, subcontractors and clients, and greatly enhancing the company’s client services. David’s background in business, as well as experience working in the field, allows him to recognize how clients think and to better understand their wants and needs.

Perhaps David’s most significant achievement during his time at VJS was establishing VJS Development Group, LLC in 2004. David formed VJS Development Group to better serve clients who required more than just basic construction services. What distinguishes the VJS Development Group from its competitors is the ability to provide real estate and construction services in tandem. David is familiar with all aspects of construction, including conceptual cost estimating, scheduling, and project management; he has parlayed this knowledge into the development of successful projects. The strategic alliance with VJS Construction Services enables David and the VJS Development Group to provide construction and real estate expertise that translates into flexibility and a refusal to use a “cookie cutter” approach to developing projects.

– Family Service – Family of the Year, 2019
– Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee – 
   Committee Chairman of the Year Award, 2014
– Milwaukee Business Journal – 40 Under 40 Award, 2008

Rick Andritsch

Partner, Vice President of Business Development

Rick joined VJS Construction Services as a Project Manager in 1998 and was named a Partner and Vice President of Business Development in 1999. With his background in pre-construction, estimating, and project management, Rick became the perfect complement to the leadership team and, along with his passion for sales/marketing, was appointed as the partner in charge of sales/marketing.

Rick’s contributions to the leadership team have enabled VJS Construction Services to become one of Wisconsin’s top ten construction firms. Rick’s leadership has influenced all aspects of the organization, including field procedures, project management, pre-construction methodologies, and sales/marketing strategies.

Rick has been involved with the National Association of General Contractors of America for many years. He has served on several committees, chaired the Business Development Forum, was formerly Vice-Chair and Chair of the National Building Division, was Chair of the Public/Private Industry Advisory Council, has been on the National Board of Directors for two years, and is currently Co-Chair of the American Institute of Architects/Associated General Contractors Joint Committee.

Rick has also been committed to improving the quality of life in Milwaukee and Waukesha County through his volunteer activities. He serves on the Board of Directors for Rogers Behavioral Health, the YMCA of Waukesha, and is the current Vice-Chair of the YMCA of Greater Waukesha County. 

Chad Bathke

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Chad has over 35 years of construction experience and has been involved with projects in nearly every market sector. Chad started his career at VJS over 25 years ago as a Project Engineer. Through his tenure at VJS, Chad has worked as a Project Engineer, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer (COO). As COO, Chad oversees all operations of the organization. He is continually looking at process improvements in all areas of the company including new technology, standards and procedures, company culture, employee engagement, safety, and the quality of VJS deliverables to our clients. Chad is a seasoned veteran in all areas of construction including pre-referendum, pre-construction, bidding, scoping, scheduling, and managing complex projects. . Chad leads our Educational Department at VJS and has extensive experience in the K-12 market having worked with over 25 school districts

Chad has been actively involved with the Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee (AGC-GM) for over 15 years. He served as President of the AGC-GM and has served on the Board of Directors since 2015. 

– Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee – S.I.R.
   Award, 2018
– Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee –
   Committee Chairman of the Year Award, 20025

Chris Sauvé

Partner, Vice President

Chris has over 35 years of construction experience with a special emphasis on senior living, non-profit, financial, and theatre projects. Chris stays deeply involved in the design progression and ensures the design intent is preserved while maximizing value. As a LEED® accredited professional, he provides valuable recommendations for green building components and practices.

Chris has been instrumental in leading VJS’ senior living market. Chris was heavily involved with senior living projects during Tom Schueler’s tenure with VJS and took over many of Tom’s clients who had been with VJS since the mid-1980s.

Chris is a huge advocate of VJS’ corporate culture, spearheading the assurance that all of VJS’ employees have a good work/life balance. Chris is also heavily involved with many nonprofit organizations. He serves as the President of the Board of Directors for the YMCA at Pabst Farms, as a current Advisory Board member and Past Board Chairman for the Salvation Army of Milwaukee County and as a Scout Leader for his son’s Boy Scout troop.

Chris received his Master of Science – Civil Engineering degree from Marquette University. He is a former Adjunct Professor at Marquette where he taught at the School of Engineering.

Jake Jorgensen

Partner, Project Manager

Jake is the fifth generation of the Jorgensen family to become part of an over 100 year history of the Jorgensen family in the construction industry. Jake started at VJS working in the shop throwing away bricks and sweeping the shop floors. After graduating from Iowa State University, Jake followed the same tradition as his father, Craig, and uncle, David, working for a firm in Texas for one year before joining VJS. Through Jake’s tenure at VJS, he has worked as an Intern, Assistant Project Manager and Project Manager. He is also a Partner in the firm. Jake continues to help VJS grow and succeed and will pave the way for future generations to continue the tradition of building exceptional facilities for VJS’ clients.

Jake recently served as Chair of the Associated General Contractors National Construction Leadership Council (AGC-CLC). Jake is following in the footsteps of not only his father, Craig, but other VJS partners including Chad Bathke and Jason Schneider, who all served as AGC-CLC Chairs throughout the years. Jake is also on the Board for the AGC National Education and Research Foundation.


  • Waukesha County Business Alliance – Emerging Leaders of Waukesha County Award, 2017
  • American Subcontractors Association of Wisconsin – Project Manager of the Year, 2012

Jason Schneider

Partner, Director of Project Management

Jason Schneider has been part of the VJS team for over 17 years, starting as an intern at VJS while attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and was named a partner with VJS in 2015. Throughout the years, Jason has clearly demonstrated himself as a leader in all aspects of VJS’ development including management, strategic growth, client development and a commitment to advancing VJS’ brand of providing exceptional services to its clients. In addition, Jason is committed to the advancement of our industry and the development of young professionals through his volunteer commitment to the Associated General Contractors (AGC), MSOE, and Marquette University.

Jason is currently engaged as a member of the AGC National Building Division Leadership Committee and is Co-Chair of the AGC Lean Construction Forum. Jason also serves as a member of the Construction Management Industry Advisory Board for MSOE, as well as a Co-Chair for the Waukesha County Business Alliance Construction/Skilled Trades Committee. 

Jason continually works to develop the talent at VJS and has been an integral leader in advancing internal procedures that make users more efficient in the field. Jason has helped to move the needle when it comes to embracing the more sophisticated technology that VJS’ field staff now utilize.

While contributing to the construction industry is a passion of Jason’s, he also give his time to helping organizations in Wisconsin. Jason currently serves as a Board Member for the Tri-County YMCA, part of the YMCA of Greater Waukesha County. He also provides financial support to numerous organizations including the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF), United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County, YMCA of Greater Waukesha County, Rogers Behavioral Health, and the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts.