Voss Jorgensen Schueler Company grew out of Voss Hrdlicka Co., a firm established in 1947 by two former Allis-Chalmers engineers, Harold Voss and John Hrdlicka. As the initial founders moved toward retirement, Gary Jorgensen joined the firm as a principal in 1976 and Tom Schueler in 1978.

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Under the creative leadership of Gary Jorgensen and Tom Schueler, the company became Voss Jorgensen Schueler (1981) and grew to become one of Wisconsin’s largest construction firms.

During the 1990s, Voss Jorgensen Schueler began to transition to the next generation of leadership. After many years of preparation, two of Gary’s sons took leadership roles with the firm – Craig Jorgensen became President of Voss Jorgensen Schueler and David Jorgensen Executive Vice President. The firm also brought on non-family members as partners in the early 2000s – Rick Andritsch and Chris Sauvé.

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Always looking for ways to better meet the needs of their customers, VJS Development Group, Voss Jorgensen Schueler’s real estate development arm, was born in 2004. A name change from Voss Jorgensen Schueler to VJS Construction Services and a new corporate headquarters soon transpired in 2005. In 2015, Craig’s son, Jake, and an additional non-family member, Jason Schneider, became partners in the firm. In 2020, VJS expanded the leadership team and Board of Directors again, naming Katie Kawczynski, AIA, as a Partner and Director of Architecture, representing the fourth non-family member, and first female, to be named as a partner.

Under the current leadership, VJS Construction Services is a rapidly growing company that employs more than 225 people and saw over $214 million in construction revenue in 2020.

The VJS Board of Directors consists of eight firm partners, which includes four family members – Gary, Craig, David and Jake – and four non-family members – Rick, Chris, Jason, and Katie. The Board of Directors, adhering to the company philosophy, believes that every voice on the board is equally important. Everyone has an opportunity to participate fully in key decisions, and the firm will not act without reaching a decision that satisfies all of the partners. The Board of Directors meets formally each quarter but generally meets less formally two to three times each month.

Based on the belief that “Anything Less Than Exceptional Is Unacceptable,” this philosophy informs every aspect of how VJS does business. It has resulted in VJS’ strong emphasis on the building of long-term relationships with all parties in the construction process – owners, subcontractors, architects and employees. It also means a commitment to total quality management, making profit a secondary consideration to faultless workmanship and complete client satisfaction.