#VJSSpreadsPositivity 1

VJS is looking to spread some positivity and keep everyone connected. We have been sharing uplifting photos, stories, videos, quotes, etc. to spread positivity. Check out what VJS employees have shared.

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 2

Morgan Leverence, Marketing Assistant, chalked her walk with her dog, Izzy, to share VJS’ message of #VJSSpreadsPositivity.

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 3

Project Manager Levi Luck’s children chalked their walk with this amazing artwork!

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 4

Dawn Kraft, VJS HR Success Manager, and her husband chalked their walk to share some positive messages with friends and neighbors.

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 5

Several of our employees, Chris Goeke, Susan Trapp, Jenny Rzepiejewski, Dawn Kraft, and Lizzy Polheber as well as one of our employees children, have been making face masks to provide to our employees out in the field.

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 6

Adam Lewis, Senior Project Manager, is working remotely after having surgery and was looking to have his office chair at his house. Jamie Stout and Dawn Kraft put the wheels in motion to get Adam’s chair to him as Adam currently has lifting restrictions. Jim Meleski delivered his chair and even carried it down to Adam’s home office. His office is now set up (and Adam’s children helped “decorate his office” with the adorable drawings in the background!).

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 7

Misty Hintz, Senior Project Architect, shared photos of her adorable cats, Sammy and Jett, and one of her favorite cakes that she made (isn’t that amazing!).

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 8

Levi Luck, Project Manager, and his family  got a new black lab puppy named Cruz. Levi attempted Cruz’s first walk on a leash, apparently Cruz didn’t like it too much. They made it about a block from their house and that’s as far as they got!

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 9

Chris Goeke, Lead Project Coordinator, shared some fun photos of her cats and her use of the Zwift app to ride her bike on a trainer that simulates different terrains.

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 10

Many of our employees have been sharing photos of their current co-workers while they are at home. Chad Bathke, Partner/COO, shared this great photo of him and his dog, Sookie, Shelly Stoll, Marketing Manager, shared this cute photo of her boxer, Rebel, and Erika Lingle, Senior Project Coordinator, shared this adorable photo of her cat, Jack.

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 11

Luke Wilson, VJS Superintendent, shared photos of his adorable daughter and his very cool dogs.

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 12

Brad DaRonco, VJS Superintendent, made some amazing meals! Never hurts to try out some new recipes and Brad was kind enough to share his recipe for the baked spaghetti with Italian sausage. The Italian sausage was purchased from a farm outside of Barneveld, Wisconsin.

#VJSSpreadsPositivity 13

Lizzy Polheber, Safety Engineer, shared some adorable photos of her and her son.

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