Self-Performed Work

As one of the premier general contractors in Wisconsin, VJS Construction Services employs over 150 skilled craftsmen that are able to perform selective demolition, concrete, and carpentry. Our ability to self-perform these trades enables us to establish the pace of the project, control the level of construction quality, and ensure safety, three of the key components in confirming our projects are on time and within budget. Our foremen and superintendents are some of the most efficient and experienced tradespeople in Wisconsin.

While we often serve as a general contractor and construction manager, we are builders above all else. With a field force of more than 150 skilled craftspeople, we have the in-house capability to perform several construction tasks. Our self-performed capabilities include:

  • General Conditions
  • Demolition
  • Concrete
  • Rough carpentry
  • Finish carpentry

Establishing the pace of the project, controlling the level of quality, and prioritizing safety are three of the key components to ensure the project is on time and within budget. Our foremen and superintendents are some of the most efficient and experienced tradespeople in the Milwaukee area.

Concrete Work

Successful concrete work requires a thorough Quality Assurance/Quality Control process.  VJS will work with the architects and engineers early in the design process to ensure that the concrete specifications are consistent with our lessons learned on concrete mixes, admixtures, and means of placement. Ultimately, VJS is responsible for the final product and our early involvement helps to ensure high-quality concrete work. 

The protection and curing process that takes place after the pour is critical to the quality of concrete. An additional advantage of having VJS pour the concrete is that our personnel are on-site at all times and can monitor the curing process, as well as ensure weather-related precautions are taken. 

Carpentry Work

Typically, carpentry work involves the installation of a variety of materials that are provided by several different suppliers.  It is not uncommon to have several low bid carpenters install materials that are not compliant with the drawings and specifications.  

VJS extends its thorough scoping process to include material suppliers and identifies noncompliant bids prior to procurement to ensure that materials submitted and installed meet the specifications. In addition, our proactive solicitation of material bidders results in more competitive bidding. 

The project team will competitively bid all materials required for self-performed work and provide those numbers to you as well as detailed breakdowns so you understand fees associated with labor and materials. Production reports are monitored daily, as well as weekly, to ensure there is no disruption to the project schedule or budget.  This constant monitoring allows us to make adjustments as needed, minimize change orders, and supports our “no surprises approach.”

Selective Demolition

At VJS Construction Services, safety is number one. We will not jeopardize the safety of anyone for the sake of the low bid.  The means and methods employed for selective demolition in existing facilities must be handled by experienced contractors to ensure that demolition activities will not create dust, noises, or interfere with overall safety.  Selective demolition is generally sporadic but critical to the schedule and can be accomplished most economically and with adherence to the schedule by on-site VJS personnel.  Demolition work also tends to involve a great deal of unknowns, which are uncovered during the demolition process.  By self-performing the work, we will ensure that required changes are minimized and cost effective.