Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts | Brookfield, WI


Craig Jorgensen President
  • Cost: $9,050,000
  • 43,000 square foot performing arts and education center
  • 619 seat state-of-the-art auditorium
  • Music studios, visual arts gallery, dressing rooms, green room, scene shop
  • Dance and performance rehearsal studios

One unique aspect of the Wilson Center was the integrated art and coordination with the artists. One main aspect is a 40+ foot hand-carved fireplace/ chimney sculpture that VJS needed to build complete so the “carving” process could occur during construction. Its central location and nine month time-frame required detailed coordination of the structure and finishes to allow subcontractors to continue to work around the piece. The process was not only successful but very educational for all involved. Other artists integrated into the process included fiber optic lite “birds” in the main auditorium, hand-made ceramic wall and floor tile art throughout, hand-etched decorative glass, concrete “stump” tables and chairs as well as stone sculptures were integrated throughout the theatre campus. These unique artistic integrations created some challenges that ultimately became positive influences on the process and finished product.


Craig Jorgensen

"The dream of creating The Elmbrook Center for the Arts had a heartbeat because of Gary Jorgensen. That spark became a flame that would never have happened without Gary's years of support before the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts emerged and finally started to become real. Gary's support of its existence has given our community and the region the fine arts freeway that Milwaukee's artistic groups need so badly...a lodge in the park... a place to educate and perform west."

Kate Wilson
Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts
Wisconsin Golden Trowel Awards, Outstanding Achievements in Masonry Design and Construction, 2002
Wisconsin Commercial Real Estate Women (WCREW) – Heart of the Community Award, 2002