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Chad Bathke
Chief Operating Officer

Lincoln Elementary is a two phase, 81,000 square foot project that completely renovated the existing school to modernize space layouts, finish selections, and mechanical performance of the building. Phase 1 included mass demolition of roughly half the existing building and construction of a new 53,000 square foot, three-story building that adjoins the existing school.

The Phase 1 area includes spaces like the new gym, performance platform, student commons area and kitchen, IMC (library), classroom spaces, and specialty teaching spaces (art room, music room, ensemble, etc.).

Phase 2 included the renovation of the existing 28,000 square foot, 1919 structure and incorporated tie-in work to the Phase 1 building area in order for the two building to function as one. Spaces included general classroom spaces, administrative spaces, and a green rooftop garden. The buildings design intent is centered around collaborative and flexible learning environments – large open areas are available, separate classrooms with the ability to join via sliding glass doors, the gym/commons area can be combined through a walkthrough performance platform, and there are “breakout” learning spaces scattered throughout the building.


Integrated into the addition and remodeling project for the historic Lincoln Elementary School, is its unique, one-of-a-kind outdoor classroom that provides rich learning opportunities for the students and the community. This outdoor classroom includes: Fort building, a willow dome, a weaving wall, planting beds, amphitheater seating, icicle and wind sculptures, and a mud kitchen. A rooftop classroom is accessible from the main school building and provides students with a green roof and planting bed opportunities. In addition, the green roof drainage flows into outdoor planters, a rain garden, and lastly into a trench drain.


Chad Bathke
Chief Operating Officer


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