Dickson Hollow | Menomonee Falls, WI


Dickson Hollow 1
Chris Sauve
Partner, Vice President
  • Cost: $32,000,000
  • This project is on approximately 24 acres, seven of which is wetland
  • 299,627 square foot, 180 unit new construction including garage
  • 4 story wood, 120 unit senior apartment building
  • Two story Town Center
  • Underground garage
  • Three story, 60 unit assisted living and memory care apartment building
  • 6,111 square foot, two story chapel/auditorium
  • Space for Living Hope Presbyterian Church

Dickson Hollow is a new client for VJS as well as new to the Wisconsin area. VJS shepherded this client through the process of how we build locally and served as the eyes and ears for them because of their distant location. VJS worked with this client on phasing the project so that the building could be turned over in two phases; allowing the client to begin moving residents in before the entire project was complete. This project also started in the midst of a market experiencing labor shortages. VJS put a highly skilled team on the project that worked with the subcontractors to ensure that we would not have any labor shortages during the duration of this project.

Daily Reporter – Top Projects Award, 2016


Chris Sauve
Partner, Vice President

“I have enjoyed working with the Dickson Hollow team. The team members understand it's not about RFI's, ASI's, Bluebeam, CO and VE logs. It's about forging relationships and constructing the best buildings, while having fun on the job. I call it the "IT" factor! Congrats to the completion of Phase I and II!”

Steve Nornes
Project Developer/Senior Housing Partners


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