In Response to Media Requests Regarding the Maine Veterans’ Homes – Augusta Replacement Project

Last week the Maine CDC announced 78 new positive cases of COVID19. 

Although the Maine Veteran’s Home project in Augusta has received a lot of attention recently due to the virus, the spike in cases announced last weekappear to be in Cumberland and Androscoggin Counties.

At the Maine Veteran’s Home project, there have been twenty-six confirmed cases at this location. Although there have been no hospitalization our thoughts and prayers do go out to those companies, their employees and their families affected by this virus. 

It is important to note, although the project never shutdown completely, we did choose to take pre-cautionary measures including testing a substantial group of team members for Covid-19.  Those team members identified in the testing pool are required to either provide a negative test result, or meet a 14-day isolation period while remaining symptom free in order to return to the project following the long holiday weekend.

A significant lesson learned for all of us, the majority of those individuals that tested positive, reported to be asymptomatic. Meaning, they did not show the common signs of the virus. It is critical that we understand this and continue to follow all the health and safety protocol in place both at home and at work to ensure the safety of all. 

As we all return from the long weekend, we cannot stress enough, the importance of maintaining social distance, practicing excellent personal and environmental hygiene. 

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