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Oak Creek East Middle School
Oak Creek, WI


Self-Performed Work

Concrete and Carpentry

Team Leader

Chad Bathke, VJS Construction Services, Milwaukee, WI

Chad Bathke
Partner/Chief Operating Officer


Project Details

■ The new school replaces the former middle school
■ School accommodates 1,000 students in grades 6-8 as well as the district's entire cognitive disability program
■ Classrooms

■ Encore area
■ Cafeteria
■ 800 seat gymnasium and auxillary gym


Exceptional Results

The school district requested a building that incorporated sustainable design strategies, while being mindful of the short and long-term payback. The building is arranged around a light-filled “main street” that features three 64’ long skylights, allowing daylight to penetrate the main circulation space for students to experience between classes. Daylighting strategies are also incorporated into all instructional spaces and integrated with high-efficiency light fixtures, HVAC equipment, and occupancy sensors. The interior finishes were selected based on high recyclable content and low VOC emissions. The building also features waterless urinals, which reduce the need for regular maintenance and conserve a natural resource.

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